April 24, 2015

7QT: Infertility Awareness Week

This week this little blog went overdrive for infertility awareness week.  I think its an important topic so I'm going to sum up the week here.


I'm going to start with a little recap of my posts.  First, we talked about my favorite posts already written on the topic.  Next, I gave you a home tour of infertility.  I then shared a beautiful post written by the collaboration of 430 catholic men and women on the Catholic Perspective of Infertility.  After that I gave some tips on the care and keeping of an infertile friend.  I'll be wrapping things up with a post about what I wish I knew earlier.  I also shared quite a bit on twitter (I've got a little twitter addiction problem going on right now).  Whew. This blogger is going to take a little break on writing now


Conceiving Hope's infertility awareness week series has been beautiful (literally and figuratively) and enlightening in so many ways. I would recap it, but it wouldn't do justice, and she has her own summary post with links.  Head on over there to see it for yourself.


Most fun post in my opinion was this one, with some infertility memes.  Maybe my brand of humor just pairs with a dash of snark, but I loved it.  Here's my favorite for you:

Credit here

Melody's Harmonies had some great posts too.  My favorite is the faces of infertility. It's both heartbreaking and beautiful to read the wide range of stories.


A surprise entry in my favorite series of posts this week was Mama Needs Coffee.  I love the empathy showed to the infertile community by this sweet mommy blogger, and I loved reading the posts each day.  They were all great posts, though I'll have to say this post was my favorite, such a great story and perspective.


There's really no way I can cover all of the great things that happened and were posted this week, but here's some of what I could think of.  Lucky as Sunshine shared her kindness and her story,  An interesting discussion on an article (in the comments). A courageous post. A beautiful success story. An honest view of secondary infertility. Some solidarity. And I finally mentioned infertility on my personal Facebook page and received the support of friends.  All in all, a good week.


Tomorrow I'm going to the Catholic Women Blogger's Network Conference in California (say that three times fast).  I'm pretty excited, though a little nervous because I think I'm the only infertile blogger going, so I'll be a little out of my element with no safety net.  Here's hoping it goes well and I have some great tips to bring back to this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.  As always, for more great posts, check out Kelly's at This Ain't The Lyceum.


  1. Infertility is a very important topic!
    I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. I will be praying for all of you. :)

  2. How did the blogging conference go? I hope you felt welcome!

    1. There were some very nice and welcoming women there. I was very clearly not the key demographic, and sometimes that was hard, but I did learn a lot! Thanks for asking!

  3. Ahh! Thank you for the awesome (and generous) shout out. I've loved reading all your posts this week as well. You really put so much time and effort into them and it showed! <3