Adoption Journey

August 2011- Got Married!

Fall 2015- Start considering our options to move forward with adoption

Winter 2015-2016- Decide we want to move forward with adoption (domestic infant adoption specifically)

January 2016- Start requesting information from agencies, facilitators, etc.

March 2016- Sign up with our facilitator and start our home study

April 2016- Major focus on home study, classes, appointments, and finish all paperwork! First visit with social worker.  Also start putting together text and pictures for profile.

May 2016- Have last home study visit, get home study report, wait for last recommendation to be sent in.  Put profile together, and edit it a million times.

June 2016- Officially home study approved! Profile is up and we're officially waiting to be matched!

September 2016- A couple expectant mother inquired about us, but decided not to move further

February 2017- We were matched with a baby girl due in early March! Life becomes a whirlwind of preparations!

March 2017- Baby girl is born on March 10 And places with us right after birth in the hospital! God is good!

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