March 7, 2014

An Update and A Fresh Start

So its been a while, almost a year since my last post. I wasn't so good at keeping up with the blogging last time around, but I'm going to try to give it another try!  So here we go:

Since last November, I did stick with the weight watchers for quite some time.  Lost about 60 pounds by May, which was amazing.  I was so much healthier and felt great!  I also fit well into that bridesmaid dress I was worried about :).  Unfortunately, that wedding had been my real focal point and after it was over I slowly lost motivation. Towards the fall I had gained some weight back.  Then, before getting my eating habits back under control, there was a whirlwind of change in my life.  I quit smoking, bought a condo and moved, had a crazy heavy workload, and got a new puppy, among other little thing.  All great things, but in the midst of it all my weight goals went to the back burner.  I've gained over half the weight back by now.

Now that things are finally settling down, I do want to focus on my health again.  I have learned some things in the whole trial and error process.  I know I need to find a healthier outlet for stress. I'm still figuring that one out, though both me and my puppy need to be getting more exercise soon!   I also need to make sure I'm developing sustainable habits.  Last time around I fell back on frozen meals and ordering food out (which I'm so happy was easy on weight watchers), but I got tired of frozen meals and eating out got a bit expensive and made it easy to slide into bad habits.   Lastly, I know need find better motivation than a one time event. I have to change my lifestyle permanently, not just temporarily.    I don't have these all worked out, but at least its a starting point.

As for the direction of this blog, I definitely want to use it as a tool to hold myself accountable. As part of my working towards better habits, I think I'll be focusing on my learning how to cook... and cook fresh and healthy foods.  We'll see how it goes!