April 24, 2017

The Adoption Story (Part 3)

So, where we left off, it was March 10th, we were settled into our hospital room, prepared for a long wait.  At around 6:00 p.m., some nurses came in, and asked if we had our adoption paperwork so we could see her. "See her? She's been born?!?" we exclaimed. We didn't have papers because someone at the hospital was supposed to have everything, but I guess she wasn't available.  So we scrambled through our phones to find emails with paperwork, and I handed my phone over to the nurse to take to her supervisor to verify that was sufficient.  We scrambled through the Hubs' phone to find our contacts to call the hospital and work on it too!

After what seemed like an eternity (but was probably only about 15 minutes) the nurses came back, said everything was good, and took us to the nursery.  We had to wait again at the front of the nursery, and looked around at all the babies.  The Hubs look over at one and said "I wonder if that's her." I told him there were so many, how could we know?  But we found ourselves being led over to that very baby!  And there she was! Beautiful, perfect, bright eyes an alert, and sucking on her hand like it was going out of style.

They were doing the preliminary treatments and testing, but we got to be there right along side her, holding her hand and marveling at her.  I could see the Hubs' face change immediately, so enamored by this beautiful little baby we had just met.  He was definitely wrapped around her finger from the first second :). We were told that the birth mother was doing well, and still wanted the baby to be taken care of by us. We were asked if we had a name, and we gave it. It's a bit of a unique spelling so I'm not sure if I'll use it here. But her first and middle names are both honoring family, from aunts back to her great-great-grandmothers :).

After she was done in the nursery, she was brought over to our room, and stayed in there with us until we left!  We got to dress her and feed her and change her, and the nurses were on hand to kindly and patiently teach us all the basics (multiple times). She was so sweet and calm, she barely cried at at all! She was so alert when she was awake, and even holding her head up for little bits at a time! We took turns holding her throughout the night, and our entire stay.  She was only in the bassinet for when the nurses had to check up on her. We just couldn't put the sweet little thing down!

The next day, my Mom came to visit, and meet her little grand daughter! The day after we were discharged! We dressed our little girl up and took her back to our hotel! I couldn't believe we were leaving the hospital with this sweetheart!

It was good timing, it started to snow right after we got back, and for the next couple days! We settled in at the hotel, life was mostly just a blur of feeding, changing, and trying to take naps. My mom would take care of her for a few hours in the morning so we could rest, which was great! But my mom had to go home after a few days.  A few days after she left, the Hubs's dad came to visit! It was great that she was loved on by grand parents from both sides early on! He stayed for a few days, and while he was there we got out more, including back to St. Josephats to give thanks!

A few days after the Hubs's Dad left we were finally cleared to go home! So we booked a flight and headed back, exactly 2 weeks after we arrived. It's crazy to think how much things changed between those two flights.

It was great to be home and settle in with out bundle of joy! Friends and family were excited to meet her too! We settled into our routine and waited for the hearing on the termination of parental rights (where the birth parents officially give up their rights), which was set for April 14th, Good Friday. I went to a nearby church for morning prayer with sweet girl along with me, and on my way out got a call from the Hubs that everything went well! Now we wait for the adoption to be finalized to make it all official, but so far everything is going well! We are just so thankful for and in awe of the beautiful blessing she is!


  1. Oh what a wonderful story! I will keep praying for an easy transition to parenthood and that the adoption can be finalized soon!

    1. Thank you! We definitely appreciate the prayers! So far the transition has been pretty good!

  2. Oh what a beautiful happy event! Praying that the finalization goes smoothly!

  3. So happy for you. What a beautiful little girl, and what a blessing!

  4. How wonderful! I love that you went back to that same church, what a special part of M's story! And you all are just glowing in every picture :) :)

  5. Just came upon this...congrats. I love adoption stories. Thank you for sharing. I kept my daughter's name confidential on here until the adoption was finalized. Hope you are doing well and surviving being a new parent with no sleep and trying to figure it all out. I never knew how much I didn't know! I felt so anxious but now that she's a year...I still have questions and I'm still trying to figure it out....but it's better...especially now that she sleeps at night (well, most nights.).