September 18, 2014

Cycle Review 3 (part 2)

So picking up where I last left off, I had had a P+4 ultrasound, but Dr. S wasn't sure whether I'd ovulated or not.  Fast forward to today, P+10.  I'll admit, I had started getting my hopes up because I normally start spotting on P+8 or 9, but I haven't seen any spotting yet.  I had started cramping though.

The results of my blood tests weren't great, progesterone was 14 (low normal), estradiol was 6 (too low).  Inconclusive as far as whether I ovulated.  On to the ultrasound.  Dr. S checked both sides, no corpus luteum.  So no ovulation. Again.

Dr. S offered me 3 options: 1) continue with letrezole, 2) try injectibles, 3) proceed to the OWR.  Me and the hubs ruled out injectibles for now, and decided we should proceed with the OWR.  Unfortunately, the earliest I can schedule for is December.  So, from now until then I have the option of giving Letrezole another try, though Dr. S doesn't think I'll respond to it.

I asked for the prescription, but I'm not sure I'll fill it.  after 3 cycles of craziness, it would kind of be nice to be back to myself for a bit.  On the other hand, I do want to feel like I did everything I could before heading to surgery.  So me and the hubs have some thinking and praying to do.

In the mean time, at least I know I'm 100% ok to drink at the wedding I'm in on Saturday :).  Gotta love an open bar!  And I'm comforting myself tonight with two thing I couldn't have if I was potentially pregnant: sushi and wine!

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  1. I have had OWR, and it was actually one of the first treatments I received, and now I'm just starting to try meds. I'm really glad I did. If you have any questions, I'm here!