January 9, 2015

So This Is The New Year

I know I've been a little quiet over here, especially after such a talkative December. There are several reasons, though in large part, there's just been a lot going on!  We rang in the New Year at a friend's cabin in the nearby mountains.  Once we figured out how to get the chains on our tires (read: paid someone else to do it) and were able to get up the mountain, it was great.  We had some good champagne, played some fun board games, and played in the snow.  I have learned however that me and the cold aren't friends... I came back a little bruised after some slips and falls in the ice and snow. But all in all it was a fun trip!

New year's kiss :)

After we got back, I got together with some close friends.  One enlisted me a while back to help plan a baby shower for one of the others, which is tomorrow.  The mom to be of honor is one of the nicest people I know and has been my friend since high school.  She's also been the model of how a pregnant woman should treat an infertile woman, like trying to give me a heads up before the public announcement and not forcing pregnancy talk all the time, which has made it easier for me to be excited for her.  So I am looking forward to the shower, and I'm glad I've been able to keep myself busy with preparations leading up to it.

like baking many cupcakes of various flavors and sizes

At the same time, I was trying to find her a card, and couldn't even get through looking at one without wanting to cry.  And as much as my friend is wonderful, I can't vouch for how other people will be, including one of the other organizers that just found out she's unexpectedly pregnant this week.  Oh, and it looks like good old Aunt Flow should be showing up tomorrow, always good timing on her part.  So I am definitely nervous.  How this shower goes will gauge whether or not I got to the second one, which will be much bigger, being held for her in two weeks... I'm glad I get a practice run at least.

In non baby related news, I've also had a bit of a setback/push forward at work.  After I was long promised a raise if a certain condition was fulfilled, I finally did my part, and was then informed by my boss that, although I deserve a raise, the money just isn't there for it right now.  Considering the fact that I'm paid quite a bit lower than what the going rate for what I do is (nearly half), that wasn't fun to hear.  It also wasn't welcome because I was kind of relying on the raise to help out our current financial situation which, although it isn't dire, it isn't great either.  The positive side is that its the push I needed to get serious about finding another job.  As much as I like my job, there isn't really any room for growth (or raises apparently), so its time I found somewhere with the potential to help my career... with decent pay and maybe even benefits would be nice too.  I've started applying around.  The last few times I've tried, I haven't gotten so much as a decent interview... hoping things go differently this time.

I'm also hitting a point of being fed up with my weight (ignore the above pictured cupcakes).  I gained the 10 pounds I had lost in the fall back after the surgery.  I'm pretty close to my highest weight ever and nothing really fits comfortably, so I know I have to do something.  I just haven't really decided what yet. I like paleo, but its so time consuming to cook all the time, its hard for me to keep up with.  The Hubs is adamantly against it for that reason, lol.  I'm also considering giving weight watchers another (I think its 5th or 6th now) try.  Its really the only diet I've been able to stick with for any substantial amount of time.  And they have some new personal coaching thing.  But, the cost is kind of prohibitive at this point (see bad financial situation mentioned above).  So... I guess we'll see.  Any votes or advice on this front are appreciated :).

So see, a lot of stuff going on, considering we're only 10 days into the new year.  Hoping 2015 is a good one for all of you!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have that friend that's so caring you can actually rejoice with them? I was just talking with a friend today about how sad it is when you want to be happy for someone, but you can't always manage it. The cupcakes look great... It's almost kind of nice that I can't eat stuff like that without feeling bad. It's the only way that I have any willpower! (Proven by the amount of chocolate that I've been through this week that I can eat.) Good luck with the job search and the showers and everything!

    1. I agree! People that caring are definitely few and far between! I definitely felt bad after testing one too many cupcakes, luckily it kep my consumption of them at the shower to a minimum. Now I'm going through an insane amount of leftover chocolate, lol.