December 3, 2014

Well, Hello There

Hi there!  And yes, I'm referencing this:

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been a little MIA for a bit.  Were you wondering where I was?

Sorry, I just had to.  No more Up GIFs for this post, I promise (no promises made as to future posts though).  No I wasn't hiding under your porch, lol, I was off visiting the in laws in upstate New York.  We just got back yesterday.

I know I mentioned it before.  What I hadn't mentioned is that I was a little nervous about it.  We hadn't been there in 2 years, hadn't really made any plans, and well.. you know... general concerns about family and holidays and what not. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, it was a great trip, even with the few negatives.

The flight there wasn't bad, actually something really cool happened.  While the Hubs and I were waiting for our connecting flight, the Hubs and I heard someone call out his name.  We turned around to see an old friend of the Hubs, who had been his groomsman and we hadn't seen since the wedding.  Turns out he was taking the same flight as us, and since we were flying Southwest and got to pick our own seats, we got to sit together. For the hour and a half flight, the Hubs and his friend told hilarious stories about their high school days, I seriously laughed the whole time.  The row in front of us was a little grumpy about that... but oh well, laughing is better than a crying baby.

Once we got to our destination, we settled in at the Hub's parents' house, the same house the Hubs grew up in.  Another funny part of the trip, we stayed in the Hub's old room.  However the Hubs had a twin bed growing up.  Since the twin bed obviously wouldn't fit the both of us, the Hub's parents brought in a cot for me.  So, we got to travel back to the 50s for the week lol.

Something like this

Anyways, the Hub's parents were more than sweet and accommodating to us, and spoiled us the whole trip.  They had the house stocked with the Hub's favorite foods and took us to eat at his favorite places. The day after we showed up it snowed and it was wonderful!  We went and played in the snow like little kids. We threw snowballs around, made snow angels, and yes, I finally got to make a snow man.  It was just as awesome as I'd imagined :).

my perfectly imperfect snowman

We spent the next few days relaxing, hanging out with family, and catching up with the Hub's old friends.  Unfortunately I got a nasty stomach bug Saturday night and spent the rest the trip recovering :(.  Let me tell you, flying home while recovering from a stomach bug is not enjoyable.  I think the only way I got through it without incident...was thanks to ginger ale and Mother Teresa's flying novena.  Also not enjoyable about the stomach bug, maybe even worse than bug itself, is the incessant questioning... do you think its because you're pregnant?!? UGHHH. (and although I know you wouldn't ask, and of course I don't even need to say it, but NO I'M NOT).

Though it wasn't my in laws asking that.  I mentioned it to my sister, who passed it along to my parents, who were all OMG.  My mom has gotten it into her head that I'll get pregnant before the surgery so I won't have to have it.  She is not very accepting of me telling her its not going to happen (literally impossible without ovulating), but whatever.  No, the Hub's parents did not want to talk about the big infertility elephant in the room... at least the one I imaging was there.  It bugged me at first, but I figured they were just uncomfortable talking about it. Just to put myself at ease (and maybe to have some fun making them uncomfortable...maybe) I just let them know I had surgery coming up "to fix some things" and let the conversation die. By the way, the surgery is exactly a week from today, let the surgery countdown begin.

Anyways, other than that bit of fun, it was an awesome trip, and I'm super glad we went.  It was really great to be with the Hub's friends and family and I hope we can get back there sooner than later.  I have to say though, it is good to be home, and be back on my couch, watching my tv shows, and writing this post :).


  1. Oh, man, I hate the stomach bug so bad, I can't even imagine dealing with it while flying. Glad you were able to get through the flight without incident.

    1. Haha I was happy about that too. As I'm sure the people around me would have been had they known of the bug as well, lol. Thanks for stopping by!