August 22, 2014

Cycle Review 2

Ah, the joy of the cycle review.  Just as a recap, this cycle I was on 50 mgs of Clomid for 5 days. I didn't experience the bad hot flashes of the first time, but I got horrible moodiness.  I was basically in a depressed funk of wanting to cry everyday for two weeks... so I'm sure I was fun to be around.too   Despite all the side effects, I had an inkling that I hadn't actually ovulated... but I had to wait till today to find out.

Today was especially fun as I was up late (or early?) working on an important project for work, then stressed out all morning as it still wasn't done.  Then, when I got to the appointment I was ushered into a room with an ultrasound machine, and was surprised to learn I had been schedule for an ultrasound.  One of those things I wish someone had told me?  I have to say, I love my doc, but her staff has some... difficulty communicating...ugh.

So anyways, turns out that the hospital I got my ultrasound and blood test at failed miserably.  They somehow messed up the ultrasound and then only did one out of the three labs that were ordered.  The one lab they did do, insulin, showed my insulin more than doubled since I took the last test a year ago, so that isn't great.  So, back to my appointment, the surprise ultrasound was to see whether I ovulated.  And even though my doctor was hopeful, it looks like I didn't... again.  Ugh, all that moodiness for nothing.  While the doctor was doing the ultrasound (or as I was being probed, as me and the Hubs like to phrase it) she also discovered that my uterus is somewhat tilted.  Yay.  Seriously, every time I go I discover some new problem, though the doc said it wouldn't be a problem. The one good bit of news was that my lining was better.  Well at least its something.

So since I appear to be Clomid resistant, next cycle we're going to try Letrezole, though the doc doesn't seem to think it'll work.  I guess we'll see.  We've decided that if the Letrezole doesn't work, I'll probably move on and get an Ovarian Wedge Resection.  It does sound kinda scary, but right now we've hit our deductible and are nearing the out of pocket max... so money wise time couldn't be better for this

All things considered, I'm just kind of grumpy about it all.  I wish my stupid body would cooperate.  But as least we've got some hope.


  1. Sorry about the not-so-hot cycle. I've had an OWR, so if you have questions, just ask!

    1. Thank you! I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully will find out how soon we will be proceeding to OWR. I'll probably take you up on your offer and ask away after that :).