September 23, 2015

Cycle Review 11

Hi! So after an unintended, unofficial break I'm back! Sorry about that, things have been busy, as per the new usual, and I just don't have the energy to write when I get home after a long day of reading and writing. Anyways, I thought I should at least update my latest cycle review, considering I"m already a week into the next cycle review.  So here we go!

So I started off the cycle taking letrezole (femera) for the first time since surgery, after clomid had stopped working again.  I also started the paleo diet, again, after my doctor suggested I try going dairy and gluten free.  The cycle turned out pretty normal. I had some weird bleeding and the same old pre ovulation headaches (I'm really getting tired of those).  CM quality was slightly better than on usual clomid cycles, yay!  Then somebody decided to take a last minute girls trip right around ovulation.  very smart idea, I know. So yea, we knew our chances weren't so great this cycle.

Post peak wasn't actually too bad, especially compared to the last few cycles.  The nausea actually was barely existent, save for a few minor waves of it. The PMS wasn't bad either.  I was actually surprised when my period showed up because I wasn't being super hormonal and crazy.  Once my period started... well I did get a little hormonal.  The cramps weren't bad at all though, so yay!

At my appointment, my doctor confirmed via ultrasound that I ovulated, yay! My lining looked good and my hormone levels were good too.  So not a bad cycle. The plan for next cycle is letrezole again.  If we don't get a positive test next cycle my doctor wants to move on to injectibles or a middle step.  That's a little stressful considering I'm not sure my work schedule will give me the time that the monitoring for injectibles requires.  But I'm just going to worry about that when it happen.  So I guess we'll see.

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