February 13, 2015

7QT: Valentines Edition

So, I'm sure you all know that valentines day is tomorrow (you do know right?  If not you still have like 24 hours or so to prepare!).What you may not know is that today is our half anniversary :).  Yes, we're dorks and both actually remember that.  We probably wouldn't if it wasn't right before v-day, but who knows.  Anyways, that means that as of today we've been married 3.5 years, sweet right?  Well, since we're already being mushy by remembering the half anniversary, I thought I'd go ahead and get even mushier.  So here's 7 quick things I love about the Hubs :).


He's a romantic.  Seriously, this guy.  He sends/brings me flowers on all the big dates (birthday, valentines, anniversary), and a bunch of times for little or no reason too.  He always writes the sweetest cards, and is always reminding me how much he loves me.  He even saves little things like movie stubs from dates and tickets from trips and what not.  He is always sweet, thoughtful, and loving, and kind, even in the smallest ways.


He's a gentleman.  Through and through.  And I don't mean just opening car doors for me (which he's done from day one).  He pulls out seats for me, walks on the side closest to the road, carries things (even my purse) for me (he call himself my pack mule), and plenty of other things that I can't recall or might not even notice.  Oh, and he will not cuss in front of me, and if he does he'll apologize, which is kind of entertaining because I have a tendency to cuss like a sailor on occasion, oops (I never said I was lady like).

Except for when he attacks me with a chicken wing


He's my rock.  He always supports me, and when things get tough, he's always been there for me.  Back to when we were dating in law school, he was always there to calm me down when I got stressed out. Even now, when things get tough, I can count on him.  If I get upset, he'll listen to me, let me vent, or let me cry my eyes out (getting mascara and snot all over his shirt more than once, lol), and always help me to either see the bright side or to fix things, if possible.  Even if it isn't possible (like is the case so often when dealing with IF) just the fact that he is there, listening and reassuring me, means the world to me.


He always fights for me.  There have been plenty of obstacles in our relationship.  From big ones, like us being from places 3,000 miles apart, to small(er) ones, like dealing with relatives.  Even when the obstacle is me, and I'm being moody, pushing him away, and exile myself to the couch (I never said I made any sense).  He always fights past the issue and for me, from moving to California, to never letting me spend a night alone on said couch, lol.

Too bad NY wouldn't work out, it was pretty cool


He has a great sense of humor.  I've said before, from the first day I met him I have always felt comfortable with him.  Part of that is his great sense of humor, and the fact that he gets mine too.  We can laugh for hours about the silliest little things.  Like making comments at TV shows, or the crazy things our dogs do.  For example, the other day we were talking about how ridiculous our dental insurance company makes it to get a replacement card.  That quickly morphed into a talking about the company sending secret emails that would self destruct the computer reading it and all the other computers around.  You might have had to have been there, but we were laughing about that for days.

Always making me laugh, that guy


He's really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Yes, I'm referencing Zoolander
I know looks aren't everything, but what can I say, he's got it all in my opinion.  From his the little curls in his hair, to his piercing blue eyes, to perfect nose, to his sweet smile that is so warm it could melt a snowman :).  Yea, I think he's the most handsome man in the world, and (I hope) he knows it :).

Handsomest wedding date ever


He bring me closer to God.  I love the fact that we share our faith.  We are able to talk about it and work on it together.  And even though sometimes praying together can be difficult (or when I get cranky when its too late and I don't want to wait to pray to go to sleep), he always makes sure we do.  Sometimes its not even that he has to say anything, its what he does, his unconditional love that is a reflection of God's love to me. Definitely the most important thing on this list.

With the priest who married us!
Well, thank you for wading through all this cheesiness (I don't blame anyone who didn't).  Head over to Kelly's at This Ain't The Lyceum for more!


  1. What a sweet post! Sounds like you have a little bit of Valentine's day all throughout the year.

  2. Such a beautiful celebration of your marriage! I love the fun mix of photos, too. :)

  3. Love your list. You guys are adorable together! Same as Rita - loved all the photos of you guys! :)

    1. Thank you! They're mostly older so I had fun digging them up :)