December 7, 2014

(Over)preparing for Surgery

So I've mentioned before that I've been a little anxious about my upcoming surgery.  It gets more anxiety inducing as it gets closer and more real.  AF just showed up yesterday, so the last possibility of anything stopping the surgery is gone (I didn't ovulate and AF was brought on by progesterone, but still).  Luckily, since its on Wednesday this week there's only a few days of worrying left.  And, much to your relief, only a few days left for me to post about the surgery coming up :).

In order to try to keep myself busy instead of worrying, I've been preparing, and probably overpreparing.  I've emailed some fellow bloggers that have been through the same procedure, and read all the surgery posts I could find, including these ones by Polkadot at Making God Laugh and Stephanie at Blessed to Be, that have been super helpful.  If you've noticed some page views recently on a surgery post... that might've been me haha.  

I've also googled all I could google on ovarian wedge resections.  I think I have now become (mostly) immuune to pictures of ovaries being cut up and sown back together again, though the idea still icks me out a bit.  I was really mean and showed the computer screen of my google image search to the Hubs, telling him that was going to happen to me.  I don't know if I've ever seen him turn that shade of green before... poor guy.  I really should be nicer if I've expecting him to wait on me hand and foot for a few days. 

Speaking of how nice the Hubs is, on Saturday we went shopping for the things I'm expecting to need, based off my binge surgery post reading.  Purchases included, but were not limited to: food and drink (soup, jello, gingerale), miralax, gasx, ibuprofen, cold/heat packs, pads (regular and overnight), loose sweatpants, high and low rise undies, and cozy socks.  My absolutely favorite purchase involved some Christmas pajamas that are sooo soft and fuzzy.  Hey, they're comfy and cheerful...both important.

obviously essential to recovery
While we were already getting Christmas themed things, we picked up some Christmas decorations.  We also picked up our Christmas tree, my parents old artificial tree, its awesome.  I figured if we're going to be spending most out time around the house for a few days, might as well get the Christmas decorating finally started.  We've still got a ways to go (like decorating the tree) but I think its off to a good start.

On the spiritual front, the Hubs and I went to confession on Saturday.  After mass today I asked our pastor for a blessing.  We hadn't introduced ourselves to him since we had started attending this parish about a year ago, so I was a little nervous, but it was really nice and calming.  I also gave the pastor a quick rundown on creighton and napro, he hadn't heard of them before. Hopefully I made enough sense that maybe he'll be able to pass it on to someone else who needs the information. Tomorrow we make our consecration to Jesus through Mary, we're excited about that.

Now I just have to get all the work that's due in the next two weeks done in the next two days... no big deal.

So... I think I'm almost as prepared as I can get.  Do you have any advice, or can you think of anything I'm forgetting?


  1. It's good to be prepared! I had a lap not an ovarian wedge, and Stephanie's post was really helpful. I also bought a sippy cup (to drink lying down) and icee pops for a sore throat from the breathing tube (my surgery was in June - not sure they sell those in dec!) I also checked out a lot of books and dvds from the library for entertainment.

    Good luck!!

    1. Ooh those are good ideas! I'll have to add them to the list! I love those icee pops, I'll take any excuse to have them :). I hope I can find them!