July 23, 2014

My Journey with PCOS (Part 3)

Finally, October 2013 rolled around and it was time for our first appointment with Dr. S, the NaPro Doctor.  That first appointment was so great! I finally found a doctor who wanted to find any underlying issues, and treat the actual problems! And it was the first time a doctor knew more about PCOS than I had learned from just googling and reading a few books (much more at that).  This was the first glimmer of hope we had in so long! After the appointment, I was sent off to get blood tests and learn Creighton, and told to come back once we had a few cycles charted.

We attended an intro to Creighton in early November 2013 and got started charting.  While we learned so much from charting, it also scared me.  There seemed to be more and more things showing up that could signal problems :(. I would stare at my chart and reference every irregularity with the manual, which was seriously stressing me out.  My FCP urged me to get back to Dr. S. By March I finally had enough cycles charted to do so, and set a follow up for April 2014.

At the follow up we got good news and bad.  The blood test confirmed hormone levels expected with PCOS, no surprise there.  It also showed something new, a MTHFR defect which could cause infertility and miscarriages.  The good news was that Dr. S was able to suggest some supplements that should help. After that I was scheduled for an HSG so we could make sure everything looked good before starting treatment.

In May, I had the HSG.  Dr. S found that one of my tubes was partially blocked, but was able to clear it out!  On to finally making a plan!

After the HSG, we had a follow up with Dr. S at the end of June.  Dr. S noticed a pattern of tail end brown bleeding, and prescribed some antibiotics for both me and Hubs in case the spotting is due to an infection.  I hope they clear it up! I am starting treatment with Clomid and post peak progesterone.  I've also got a post peak blood test and ultra sound to take.  Here's to hoping we find something that works soon!

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